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Italy is home to some of the most exotic and gorgeous beaches on the planet – are you looking for the best beaches for sunbathing, fishing, snorkeling, or other outdoor activities? Plan your beach vacation with Sandee which has over undefined beaches in Italy! Discover hand-curated beach guides, directions, reviews, and photos from fellow beach lovers and travelers! With its of coastline, no matter what you're looking for, you can find a comprehensive list of the best beaches in Italy, including beaches, dog beaches, and beaches with disability access. Plan your next beach vacation to one of beaches in Italy.

Top beaches In Italy

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1. Portofino Beach

Pedale, Liguria, Italy

Portofino is a stone and rock beach located in Genoa. The water around this beach is top notch due to the fact that a Sea Protection Zone is nearby. The parking is rather limited here - you should consider taking public transit.
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2. Erchie Beach

Maiori, Campania, Italy

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3. Monte Di Procida

Monte di Procida, Campania, Italy

Monte di Procida is a metropolitan city of Naples. The beach is a quiet enclave directly to the south of the city. The backdrop of the beach is towering cliffs topped with lush vegetation. The uninterrupted view of the Tyrrhenian Sea is to die for. Further, there is a pond on the beach as well. The walk from the parking lot is rather long. But, it will all be worth it!
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4. Bagni D'Arienzo

Arienzo, Campania, Italy

This private beach club offers dark sand beaches, luxurious amenities and exclusivity. Although it is only reachable by boat, the water is crystal clear. The beach is located between two large cliffs.
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5. Isola Di Dino

Praia a Mare, Calabria, Italy

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6. Baba Beach

Alassio, Liguria, Italy

Baba Beach has been described as the best dog beach in Liguria. Since it is only a five minute drive from Alassio city, it is popular with many of the dog owners there. The brown beach, exquisite views and refreshing water attract tourists from around the world.
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7. Il Fortino

Sperlonga, Lazio, Italy

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8. Baia Di Ieranto

Massa Lubrense, Campania, Italy

Ieranto roughly translates from Greek to mean sacred, and people who have had the privilege to visit this beach know why that name is so fitting. Clear waters, rolling hills and astounding views are all key facets of Baia di Ieranto. The Amalfi coast is rich with busy seaports and buslting towns, but Baia di Ieranto offers a slightly different experience. It is quiet and not as popular with tourists.

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