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Randall Kaplan is the Founder and CEO of Sandee, a travel company focused on the promotion of beaches and beach tourism around the world. Randall's goal when he created Sandee was simple – to give the billion+ beachgoers around the world incredibly detailed information that would help them plan beach vacations, help them plan visits to beaches once they arrived in a new location, and help them plan visits to local beaches - and make all of their visits to the beach happier by allowing them to choose their perfect beach.

Over the last eight years, the Sandee team has spent 350,000 hours creating the world's largest and most comprehensive beach resource by cataloging more than 100 categories of information for every beach in the world – more than 100,000 beaches in 212 countries. Randall has been quoted and featured in many publications.

In addition to being the world's foremost beach expert, Randall is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, and is also the host of the podcast In Search of Excellence which is designed to inspire and motivate people to overcome obstacles on their path to success.

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Miami South Beach

Mr. Beach's Top 50 Beaches for 2023

Randall Kaplan, the world's foremost beach expert who is also known as Mr. Beach™, just announced his 2023 list of the Top 50 Beaches in the United States.