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North America • Grenada
Grand Anse is the perfect postcard beach, with smooth, cyan waters and creamy-white sand forming its bay. There are several hotels and restaurants embedded in the greenery that surrounds the beach, making your stay in Grenada convenient, comfortable, and absolutely flawless. Scuba diving on Grand Anse is an experience like no other, with vibrant coral reefs, colorful, tropical fish, and…underwater sculptures? A unique spin on a typical dive is Grenada's Underwater Sculpture Park, which has been recognized by National Geographic as one of the Top 25 Wonders of the World. The park is an underwater art exhibit, filled with human sculptures that have become an artificial coral reef on which marine life thrives. The exhibit reflects Grenada
North America • United States
Santa Monica State Beach is one of the world’s most famous and instantly recognizable destinations. With the Pacific Park amusement park on the historic Santa Monica Pier built in 1909 and nearby famous restaurants, luxury shopping opportunities, opulent hotels and resorts, and bustling nightlife, Santa Monica Beach is a must-visit for any out of town visitor or local Angeleno. Located in the heart of Santa Monica, Santa Monica Beach is the perfect place for visitors looking to find a vibrant environment with an endless amount of activities. Tourists and locals flock to the beach for its legendary hist
North America • Turks and Caicos
As the timeless, immaculate, and stunning beach that it is, Grace Bay takes the cake as our top travel destination in the world. The bay embodies that classic, luxury beach feel that we've seen on every magazine cover and every women's fragrance commercial. Grace Bay is the quintessential beach for honeymooners and bachelors alike, rich with beachside massage treatments, lavish resorts, and vibrant marine life. Located in the Turks and Caicos Islands, this beach is the icon of the Caribbean, and offers beachgoers a relaxing resort experience. Grace Bay Club, among others, offers the ultimate vacation accommodations, including rooms with breathtaking ocean views, supreme customer service, delicious food and drinks, and beachside lounges -
North America • Cayman Islands
Located on Grand Cayman's western shore, Seven Mile Beach is the ultimate beach destination. It's home to the most pristine, coral sand and sparkling, turquoise waters, and is considered to be one of the world's most beautiful beaches. Seven Mile Beach is now actually only about six miles long, but it still draws in beachgoers from all over the world. Beachgoers absolutely love the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort, Caribbean Club Luxury Boutique Hotel, Coral Stone Club, all located under a mile away from the beach. The expansive beach is walkable from end to end, as it is open to the public, even on sections that lay right in front of resorts. As you stroll along the water's edge, you'll notice various restaurants and beach bars. Our
Trunk Bay86 / 100
North America • Virgin Islands
St. John's most famous beach, Trunk Bay, is one of the most photographed beaches in the world, with lush greenery surrounding the white sands of the bay. The jungled park that lies just beyond the sand consists of hiking trails, plantation ruins, and views like no other. The beach itself has dreamy, turquoise waters and an atmosphere of romance and serenity. Offshore coral reefs are incredibly well-preserved and beautiful, making for spectacular snorkeling. Snorkeling the Underwater Trail is 225 yards of stunning coral reefs, colorful fish, and thousands of unique photo opportunities. The more beautiful sighting is the rare indigo-blue tunicates, which are breathtakingly blue corals that seem to glow underwater. You can rent chair and

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