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Ao Son

Sandee - Ao Son

WeatherSunrise: 6:10 AMSunset: 6:29 PM

Sunday 21






Precipitation : 10 KmHumidity : 75%Wind : 5.71 m/s

Nestled on the serene island of Ko Tarutao in Thailand, Ao Son presents an idyllic stretch of powdery gold sand encapsulating the spirit of tranquility. The beach is located on the western coast of the island and its length provides ample space for visitors to find their own tranquil spot. Despite its breathtaking beauty, Ao Son...has few amenities, so plan your trip accordingly, although it does not have lifeguards on duty, bathroom access, or allowances for dogs to ensure the preservation of its natural beauty. The activities available at Ao Son are tailored for those who revel in the serenity of nature, including swimming in its clear turquoise waters, sunbathing on its soft sand, or simply embarking on leisurely strolls along the shoreline.
Regarding parking, visitors to Ao Son will find that there are no formal parking lots available, aligning with the beach's preservation of its natural state. Access to Ao Son is typically by foot or boat, emphasizing the untouched, secluded nature of this destination. This reinforces the sense of adventure for those seeking to disconnect and immerse themselves in the raw beauty of Ko Tarutao, making the journey part of the experience.
A fun fact about Ao Son that captivates many visitors is its historical backdrop as part of the Tarutao National Marine Park. This area was once a remote prison site during World War II, adding a layer of historical intrigue to its stunning natural landscapes. The isolation that once served as a penalty now provides a sanctuary for those looking to escape modern-day hustle and bustle.
Attractions at and near Ao Son promise an enriching experience, blending the island’s natural beauty with its historical significance. Visitors can explore the dense tropical forests that back the beach, embark on hiking trails that reveal breathtaking views and hidden coves, or delve into the island's past with a visit to the Tarutao National Marine Park's visitor center. This blend of nature and history encapsulates the unique allure of Ao Son and its surroundings.
As Ao Son is quite remote and preserved in its natural state, dining options within immediate proximity are limited. However, visitors can venture to nearby areas of Ko Tarutao for local Thai cuisine. Establishments such as the Tarutao National Park Restaurant offer a range of Thai dishes, providing a taste of local flavors against the backdrop of the island's lush landscapes.
For visitors looking to extend their stay near Ao Son, accommodations are available within the Tarutao National Marine Park, though options are relatively basic in keeping with the area's focus on conservation. The National Park accommodation options range from simple bungalows to camping grounds, offering a closer communion with nature. These lodging choices echo the ethos of simplicity and nature-first, ensuring that the beauty of Ao Son and its surroundings remains undisturbed for years to come.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Surf through our FAQs to help you find your perfect beach!

    Does Ao Son have parking? If so, is it free or paid?

    Ao Son does not have dedicated parking but has street parking near the entrance.

    Does Ao Son have lifeguards?

    No, Ao Son does not have lifeguards monitoring the beach – please be careful when swimming on this beach.

    Is Ao Son a family-friendly beach?

    Ao Son is not family-friendly and does not have restrooms, lifeguards, and nearby food.

    Is Ao Son good for swimming?

    Ao Son boasts excellent swimming conditions, attracting swimmers of all skill levels with its gentle waves and clear waters.

    Does Ao Son have restrooms?

    Ao Son does not have restrooms on or near the beach.

    Is Ao Son a nude beach?

    No, Ao Son maintains a family-friendly atmosphere and does not allow nude bathing.

    Is there food near Ao Son?

    Ao Son does not have nearby food options – please plan your beach day accordingly.

    What are the activities at Ao Son?

    Ao Son is not known for any activities in particular.

    Does Ao Son have accommodations for people with disabilities?

    Ao Son does not have accommodations for people with disabilities.

    Is Ao Son a dog-friendly beach?

    Ao Son is not dog-friendly.

    Is Ao Son good for surfing?

    Ao Son is not generally considered to be good for surfing.


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