Altobi's Beach - Oman, Al Wusta Governorate, Ras Madrakah


Pebble Beach, Ghayl ash Shab, Oman: Pebble Beach, situated in the captivating Ghayl ash Shab area, offers a distinct coastal escape along the shores of the Arabian Sea. The beach features a stretch of shoreline adorned with smooth pebbles, where the clear blue waters lap gently against the coast, creating a calming and inviting atmosphere. With its unique beauty and serene surroundings, Pebble Beach provides an ideal setting for relaxation and coastal exploration.


Pebble Beach may have few amenities, but it offers essential facilities for your convenience. Restroom facilities are typically available, ensuring a comfortable visit. With its unique charm and calming ambiance, Pebble Beach invites you to experience a serene coastal retreat in Ghayl ash Shab.


Activities at Pebble Beach cater to various interests, including beachcombing, enjoying the mesmerizing sea views, and relishing moments of tranquility by the water. The distinct environment and soothing coastal vistas make it a perfect spot for unwinding and finding solace by the sea.


Parking options at Altobi's Beach are available, ensuring convenience for visitors to access the beachfront and make the most of their beach day.

Fun Fact

Altobi's Beach is renowned for its unique tide pools, which harbor a diverse ecosystem of marine creatures, making it a fascinating spot for nature enthusiasts and curious minds.


Explore the nearby Ras Madrakah fishing village, where you can experience the local way of life and interact with friendly fishermen.


Indulge in delightful coastal cuisine at "Sea Breeze Restaurant," offering a delectable array of fresh seafood dishes and traditional Omani flavors.


For lodging, "Coastal Retreat Resort" offers a comfortable and rejuvenating stay, with ocean-view accommodations that allow you to wake up to the soothing sound of the waves.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Sandee Rating: 83/100

Altobi's Beach does not have dedicated parking but has street parking near the entrance.

No, Altobi's Beach does not have lifeguards monitoring the beach – please be careful when swimming on this beach.

Altobi's Beach is not family-friendly and does not have restrooms, lifeguards, and nearby food.

Altobi's Beach is not generally considered a good swimming beach.

Altobi's Beach does not have restrooms on or near the beach.

No, Altobi's Beach maintains a family-friendly atmosphere and does not allow nude bathing.

Altobi's Beach does not have nearby food options – please plan your beach day accordingly.

Altobi's Beach is not known for any activities in particular.

Altobi's Beach does not have accommodations for people with disabilities.

Altobi's Beach is not dog-friendly.

Altobi's Beach is not generally considered to be good for surfing.