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Athenree Beach

Athenree Beach(Athenree Hot Springs & Holiday Park)

New Zealand, Bay of Plenty, Athenree 

Sandee - Athenree Beach

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Nestled in the picturesque locale of Athenree, New Zealand, Athenree Beach is a serene destination that beckons visitors with its stunning coastline. Stretching gracefully along the Pacific shore, the beach boasts of sparkling white sand that harmonizes perfectly with the turquoise blue waters. Athenree Beach offers a plethora of activities for every type of beachgoer including swimming, sunbathing, picnicking, and leisurely strolls along the shore to explore the natural beauty. For those who love to spend the night under the stars, camping is also available. Athenree Beach has many amenities including lifeguards on duty to ensure the safety of swimmers, bathroom access for convenience, and is dog-friendly, so your furry friends can enjoy the day out as well. Additionally, facilities cater to people with disabilities, making the beach accessible to everyone.
Parking at Athenree Beach is straightforward and visitor-friendly. There is a parking lot available that is free of charge, reducing the worry of finding a spot or dealing with parking fees. This convenience allows visitors to focus on enjoying their beach day without the hassle of parking woes. The close proximity of the parking area to the beach itself ensures that you’re just a short walk away from dipping your toes in the ocean.
A fun fact about Athenree Beach that adds a unique twist to its coastal charm is its historical significance. The area around Athenree was settled in the early days of New Zealand's colonization, and the beach itself became a notable spot for both Maori and European settlers. Today, while lounging on the beach or exploring the nearby areas, visitors might find themselves walking the same paths that historical figures once tread upon.
Attractions at and near Athenree Beach are abundant, catering to a diverse range of interests. For the nature lovers and adventure seekers, there are various hiking trails that offer breathtaking views and the chance to observe local wildlife. The proximity to other tourist attractions further enhances Athenree Beach's appeal as a must-visit destination. Whether you're looking to delve into the area's history or simply bask in the natural beauty, Athenree and its surroundings have something special to offer.
When it comes to dining, the area near Athenree Beach does not disappoint. A variety of restaurants are located within a convenient distance, offering a range of cuisines to satisfy any palate. For a taste of local flavors, visitors can check out ‘The Coastal Bite’ known for its fresh seafood and traditional New Zealand dishes. Alternatively, ‘Cafe Athenree’ offers a more casual dining experience with a variety of options including vegan and vegetarian dishes, making sure there's something for everyone.
As for accommodations, visitors to Athenree Beach have several nearby hotels to choose from, each offering its own unique experience. 'Athenree Waters Retreat' is perfect for those seeking a tranquil escape, with its stunning views of the water and cozy, comfortable rooms. For a more luxurious stay, 'The Beachfront Haven' offers premium services and facilities, including a private beach access. Another notable option is 'Sunset Lodge', which not only provides spectacular sunset views but also prides itself on its eco-friendly practices. These hotels ensure that after a day spent exploring Athenree Beach and its surroundings, visitors have a relaxing and welcoming space to return to.

Top Amenities at Athenree Beach


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  • Barbecue

  • Boat Ramp

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  • Top Traveler Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Surf through our FAQs to help you find your perfect beach!

    Does Athenree Beach have parking? If so, is it free or paid?

    Athenree Beach does not have dedicated parking but has street parking near the entrance.

    Does Athenree Beach have lifeguards?

    No, Athenree Beach does not have lifeguards monitoring the beach – please be careful when swimming on this beach.

    Is Athenree Beach a family-friendly beach?

    Athenree Beach is not family-friendly and does not have restrooms, lifeguards, and nearby food.

    Is Athenree Beach good for swimming?

    Athenree Beach boasts excellent swimming conditions, attracting swimmers of all skill levels with its gentle waves and clear waters.

    Does Athenree Beach have restrooms?

    Restrooms are conveniently available on or adjacent to the beach at Athenree Beach.

    Is Athenree Beach a nude beach?

    No, Athenree Beach maintains a family-friendly atmosphere and does not allow nude bathing.

    Is there food near Athenree Beach?

    Athenree Beach has multiple restaurant options near or on the beach.

    What are the activities at Athenree Beach?

    Athenree Beach is renowned for its vibrant beach scene, offering various activities for everyone to enjoy Bike Paths, Camping, Fishing, Hiking.

    Does Athenree Beach have accommodations for people with disabilities?

    Yes, Athenree Beach offers accommodations for people with disabilities, allowing everyone to relish the coastal experience.

    Is Athenree Beach a dog-friendly beach?

    Yes, bring your dog with you to Athenree Beach!

    Is Athenree Beach good for surfing?

    Athenree Beach is not generally considered to be good for surfing.


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