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Bakung Beach

Sandee - Bakung Beach

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Sunday 21






Precipitation : 6 KmHumidity : 70%Wind : 3.09 m/s

Nestled in the serene surroundings of Sinquerim, India, Bakung Beach is a hidden gem that boasts untouched beauty and a stretch of golden sandy shores. Despite its secluded location, the beach offers an array of activities for every kind of beachgoer including surfing, given the perfect waves that grace its shores. However, Bakung Beach has few amenities, so plan your trip accordingly, although it does have lifeguards on duty to ensure the safety of its visitors. The absence of bathroom access and the prohibition of dogs maintain the pristine condition of the beach, making it an ideal spot for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of more populous beaches.
Parking information for Bakung Beach is somewhat limited. Visitors should be prepared to find alternative parking solutions as there is no designated parking lot available at the beach. This means parking is predominantly on the approach roads or in the nearby village, with locals sometimes offering up private spots for a small fee. It's advisable to arrive early during peak season to secure a spot closer to the beach, ensuring a shorter walk to the golden sands.
A fun fact about Bakung Beach that attracts travelers from near and far is its reputation as one of the best spots for surfing in the Sinquerim area. The unique wave patterns and wind conditions create an ideal environment for surfers looking for a challenge. It's also known for the breathtaking sunsets that paint the horizon in hues of orange and pink, making it a perfect backdrop for evening walks along the beach.
Attractions on and near Bakung Beach include the historic Fort Aguada, a well-preserved 17th-century Portuguese fort that offers panoramic views of the Arabian Sea and the beach below. For nature enthusiasts, there are several hiking trails that meander through the nearby hills, offering a glimpse into the area's lush flora and fauna. These attractions, along with the seclusion of the beach, make it a unique destination for both adventure and relaxation.
When hunger strikes, visitors to Bakung Beach have a plethora of nearby restaurant options to choose from. For those craving local Goan cuisine, 'Spice Goa' offers authentic flavors and fresh seafood dishes that reflect the coastal heritage. For a more international palette, 'Café Chocolatti' serves an eclectic mix of European-inspired dishes in a quaint garden setting. These dining options ensure that visitors can enjoy a range of culinary experiences just a short distance from the beach.
Accommodation near Bakung Beach caters to a variety of preferences and budgets. The 'Sinquerim Beach Resort' offers comfortable rooms with stunning sea views, making it an ideal choice for those looking to wake up to the sound of waves. For a more luxurious stay, 'Taj Holiday Village Resort & Spa' provides world-class amenities and unparalleled service, nestled amidst lush landscapes and offering direct access to the beach. These hotels, among others in the vicinity, offer a perfect retreat for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the tranquility of Bakung Beach while enjoying the comforts of modern accommodations.

Top Amenities at Bakung Beach


  • Fishing

  • Snorkeling

  • Surfing

  • Rentals

  • Bikes

  • Fishing Boats

  • Kayaking Canoeing

  • Access

  • Car Access

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  • Parking - Street

  • Top Traveler Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Surf through our FAQs to help you find your perfect beach!

    Does Bakung Beach have parking? If so, is it free or paid?

    Bakung Beach does not have dedicated parking but has street parking near the entrance.

    Does Bakung Beach have lifeguards?

    No, Bakung Beach does not have lifeguards monitoring the beach – please be careful when swimming on this beach.

    Is Bakung Beach a family-friendly beach?

    Bakung Beach is not family-friendly and does not have restrooms, lifeguards, and nearby food.

    Is Bakung Beach good for swimming?

    Bakung Beach boasts excellent swimming conditions, attracting swimmers of all skill levels with its gentle waves and clear waters.

    Does Bakung Beach have restrooms?

    Bakung Beach does not have restrooms on or near the beach.

    Is Bakung Beach a nude beach?

    No, Bakung Beach maintains a family-friendly atmosphere and does not allow nude bathing.

    Is there food near Bakung Beach?

    Bakung Beach does not have nearby food options – please plan your beach day accordingly.

    What are the activities at Bakung Beach?

    Bakung Beach is renowned for its vibrant beach scene, offering various activities for everyone to enjoy Fishing, Snorkeling, Surfing.

    Does Bakung Beach have accommodations for people with disabilities?

    Bakung Beach does not have accommodations for people with disabilities.

    Is Bakung Beach a dog-friendly beach?

    Bakung Beach is not dog-friendly.

    Is Bakung Beach good for surfing?

    Yes, surfing is an activity that is frequently enjoyed at Bakung Beach.


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