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Pet-Friendly Beaches - Top Destinations to Vacation with Your Dog or Cat

Table Of Contents

  • Cannon Beach, Oregon

  • Wildwood Dog Park & Beach, New Jersey

  • Bald Head Island Beach, North Carolina

  • Pet-Friendly Beach Gear Must-Haves

Pet-Friendly Beaches - Top Destinations to Vacation with Your Dog or Cat

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Wed Feb 07 2024


Pet-Friendly Beaches - Top Destinations to Vacation with Your Dog or Cat

For pet owners, leaving Fido or Fluffy behind while the family hits the beach just won't do. Luckily, many coastal destinations now cater to vacationing animal lovers by allowing dogs, cats, and other pets to enjoy the seaside fun too. From wide open spaces to play, pet perks, and accommodations, here are the top pet-friendly beaches to visit for a pawsome vacation with your furry best friend.

Pet-Friendly Beaches - Top Destinations to Vacation with Your Dog or Cat

Cannon Beach, Oregon

This stunning Pacific Northwest beach welcomes leashed dogs year-round, with no restrictions on hours or seasons. Cannon Beach offers miles of sandy shoreline below dramatic sea stacks and cliffs for pets to roam and play fetch. Stop by the Cannon Beach Barkery for handmade dog treats. Local hotels like Hallmark Resort even offer pet packages with dog beds, bowls and treats. The beach's artsy, laidback vibe makes both visitors and pets feel at home.

Beyond the Beach:

  • Explore charming shops and art galleries with your pup on a leash. Some even offer dog treats and water bowls!
  • Visit the Haystack Rock tide pools at low tide – a fascinating adventure for curious canine noses.
  • Relax at your pet-friendly accommodation and recharge for more beach fun. Many hotels and vacation rentals welcome furry guests.

Wildwood Dog Park & Beach, New Jersey

Unleash your pup's inner beach bum at Wildwood Dog Park & Beach! Located between Glenwood and Maple Avenues in Wildwood, NJ, this oceanfront haven offers furry friends a chance to frolic in the waves, dig in the sand, and socialize with canine companions.


  • Beach bliss: Dogs must be leashed on the expansive beach, perfect for leisurely walks and dips in the ocean.
  • Fenced-in fun: Unleash the zoomies in the designated dog park, complete with fresh water and clean-up bags.
  • Year-round access: Unlike many dog beaches, Wildwood welcomes pups all year long (dawn to dusk).
  • Free to use: Enjoy endless beach adventures with your furry friend without breaking the bank.

For Landlubbers & Foodies:

  • Doo Wop Delights: Take a stroll down the iconic Wildwood Boardwalk (dogs are not allowed during peak season, but nearby parallel streets offer dog-friendly alternatives). Admire the retro architecture and grab a pupcake or dog-friendly ice cream (yes, it exists!).
  • Explore Morey's Piers: While dogs aren't allowed on the rides, enjoy pier-side dining with dog-friendly outdoor seating at select restaurants. Watch thrilling rollercoasters and soak in the vibrant carnival atmosphere.
  • Dine Al Fresco: Many Wildwood restaurants boast dog-friendly patios where your pup can join you for a post-beach meal. Enjoy fresh seafood, local brews, and pup-approved treats while soaking in the laid-back vibe.

Remember: Responsible pet ownership is key. Be sure to clean up after your dog and respect leash rules for everyone's enjoyment.

Bald Head Island Beach, North Carolina

Calling all coastal canines! Bald Head Island Beach in North Carolina rolls out the welcome mat (or should we say, sand paw print?) for your furry best friend. Imagine 14 miles of pristine shoreline where your pup can frolic freely (except during turtle season, May 1 - Nov 15, when leashes are required from sunset to sunrise).

Beyond the beach:

  • Hike the Bald Head Island Conservancy trails, offering wildlife sightings and coastal views.
  • Relax on the dog-friendly decks of waterfront restaurants (after a good sniff, of course!).
  • Enjoy an island breeze on a ferry ride, where furry passengers are welcomed with open paws.

Pet-Friendly Beaches - Top Destinations to Vacation with Your Dog or Cat

Pet-Friendly Beach Gear Must-Haves

Useful Gear List

  • Pet life jacket for water fun & safety
  • Travel water & food bowls
  • Doggy sunscreen & protective paw balm
  • Collapsible pet travel carrier
  • Dog towels & pet hair removal brushes
  • Poop bags & portable waste bin
  • Airline approved pet carriers

Follow all posted pet rules and keep your furry friend under control with a sturdy leash. Bring plenty of water and shade. With preparation and knowledge of each destination's specific guidelines, you and your four-legged BFF are sure to have an unforgettable beach vacation.


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